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### Austinist – Joshua Huck – July 2008

“Channeling the ghost of the as yet undead but totally weird Tim Kinsella, Mr. Cross’ tunes are at once pensive and suffused with a recklessness that belies their meticulous execution. Smart and substantive, we suspect that we’re developing an addiction to these music nerds will yield an Austinist presence at many shows to come.”

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### Austin Chronicle – Michael Chamy – May 2003

Forty Second Scandals are one of Austin’s best unheralded bands…an AusTex commodity, able to blend emo-rock exuberance with jazz-informed sensibilities and the willingness and wherewithal to experiment. Complement features vibes, trumpet, slide guitar, keyboards, and samples weaving into a mix that sounds a bit like the Sea and Cake’s more chilled moments.”

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