Trophy Collection, 2005-2007

Documentary Digital Photography and Crowdsourced Material Collection

Over 1,000 images

For 2 and a half years I collected various trophies from donors all over the US and Canada who found my website and online proposal through a Google search or a friend’s suggestion.

About 1/3 of these trophies were photographed before being taken apart, while the rest were either shipped as only statuettes or already in pieces. These statuettes were then randomly attached to the perforated metal panels and then slid into the steel staircase frame. Despite a few crucial stair stringer welds and the cement slab, the entire structure is designed to be easily un-bolted and re-installed with simple hand tools.

Handwritten archives of donated trophy inscriptions and recipients. Notes about unique versions of this mass produced sculpture.

Online Archive using to document notable donations to the archive, including friends, family, and community.

Hunter Cross, Phillies, 1988

Hunter Cross, West Austin Youth Association, 1990

Hunter Cross, WAYC Minor

Hunter Cross, Tennis

Hunter Cross, Reds

Hunter Cross, Math Olympiad

Okay Mountain exhibition with Nathan Green, trophies in Austin, Texas in 2005(?)