Advanced Sculpture Proposal

Hunter Cross

Fall 2002


My work this summer resulted in my discovery of a key artistic position that I would like my work to strive for; du rien.  This phrase is the French equivalent of “you’re welcome” but translates into “of nothing.”  Concentrating on ideas instead of mass and material I attempted this summer with some success to develop a way of creating art out “of nothing.”  I will continue this tradition with proposals and work that exists only for a short time.  Final product is usually only a photograph, but could be integrated into a collection within a book, or websight, or digital prints with statement.

Installation proposals

This is an extension of work I began last year with a friend of mine Jonathan Marshall.  I would like to use this class as an opportunity to put together several proposals of previous ideas into a professional format.  The final product will be varied, but most likely will involve a presentation of idea, packet of information with detailed construction instructions, materials needed, research, and ultimately the installation itself.

Wooden Type and Typography Design

My goal here is to develop my own typeface based on a mix of serif and sans-serif typefaces.  I am currently looking at Helvetica and Garamond and researching there similarities and differences.  The final product of this would be a hand carved set of my typeface (font) that will be designed using pen&paper, computer tools, and carved potato stamps.  The final design will be printed from the computer and transferred to blocks of wood for hand carving.  Hopefully this will result in a full set of letters (and multiples of letters) so that I can handset a book in this typeface which will describe the history of the typeface itself and my philosophy on typography following this project.  Final product is then A Windows/Macintosh Type 1 Font, Full Wooden Typeset of this typeface, and a run of this small book.

Furniture Design

Develop a line of furniture proposals with accompanying material list, construction instructions, and cost analysis that align with these principles:

  1. sustainable and environmentally conscious
  2. recycled materials, low energy requirements, little waste, etc.
  3. inexpensive
  4. lightweight, portable
  5. sturdy construction, easy enough for anyone to build
  6. multi-purpose (chair with built in lamps, bookshelves, etc…)
  7. non-allergenic, washable, comfortable, safe for children

As proof of concept, these will be organized on the internet as kits with appropriate ordering links and plans…I would like to provide these plans in a book format as an artwork in itself, as well as a few final products (probably chairs) actually built.  The construction of these depends primarily on funding.  If I can find patrons for these designs then I would love to construct more than a few (although the concept is to create inexpensive furniture for the masses to enjoy and build themselves).