Wednesday, September 13, 2017


Ellen Martin

(970) 416-2789

Dear Fort Collins Art in Public Places Program,

I respectfully request your consideration to produce a public art work located at the intersection of Horsetooth and College, for a budget up to $23,000. I revel in the unique opportunities inherent in creating public art, and have demonstrated my abilities at completing large scale art projects safely within budget and timeline requirements.

This site has a lot of opportunity to inspire people during their day-to-day, and I believe I can properly engage the community with an interesting piece of contemporary art.

With this opportunity, I would follow a similar process to that used in the completion of my projects Geode, 2014 and Stairway, 2007. I visit the site, take photographs, and research its history. Then, I develop proposal drawings, models, and material explorations. Feedback is received and revisions to concept, placement, and materials are made quickly. Then, the structural engineering plan is completed (refer to example in image list). Before construction, the final proposal would be prepared to address all safety, weathering, longevity, accessibility, and installation needs.

I started creating installation and proposal works in 2002 as part of a residency in Pont Aven, France, at the encouragement of LA artist Dana Duff. I am influenced by the ideas of Christo, Maya Lin, Robert Smithson, Yoko Ono, Mario Botta, Buckminster Fuller, and Phillipe Parreno. I travel extensively to research outdoor sculpture, architectural scale, and construction methods. I hope to use my recent experiences in Switzerland, Germany, and Austria to inform my work for this opportunity.

Thank you for your consideration.

Hunter Cross