January 5, 2022

I would like to be considered for this opportunity and know that I can produce a powerful work that integrates with the unique characteristics of Santa Ana, Orange County, and The Warner.

With this opportunity, I would follow a similar process to Summer Dream, 2015, Geode, 2014, and Stairway, 2007. 

I start with site visits and research. Then, move to drawings and material explorations to prepare an initial presentation. 

Typically this presentation includes a rough budget, timeline and scale model if possible. Feedback is received and then rounds of revision with emphasis on the stakeholders are incorporated. This feedback typically includes safety, budget, longevity, aesthetic and installation details. Once those are close to approval, we engage with an engineer to finalize any structural issues and then set to work on a final schedule with production and installation timelines.

I started creating installation and proposal works in 2002 as part of a residency in Pont Aven, France, at the encouragement of LA artist Dana Duff, and would be in dialogue with her throughout this project, as we have continued to share our work as it has developed.

When I am not able to work on art, I supplement my income with website development. Luckily,  that has allowed me to work with many people in California who share my love of software and web design. Clients have included Borrego Energy in Oakland, a renewable energy company, Loyola Marymount University, whose alumni magazine I built websites and iOS apps for, and Fresh Lunches, an incredible organic food service for school children.

My preference would be a ground based sculpture installation proposal with access to electricity, but please consider me for the other available spaces if you feel that would be more appropriate for my work.


Hunter Cross