Hunter Cross
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Minions, 2016–

Ongoing photography project. Actively accepting submissions. Contributors include Maritsa Asghari, Sascha Asghari, Travis Austin, Hunter Cross, David Hobizal, Josh Fischer, Caroline Wright.

Geode, 2014

concrete, steel, kiln-cast glass, automotive paint, silicone, LED lighting, Arduino-based controller, custom software
30.300772, -97.7084402, Northwest Greenway, Mueller Neighborhood, Austin, Texas
Collection of the City of Austin, Art in Public Places
Every geode protects the visible product of invisible forces over millions of years in an empty space created during Earth’s perpetual process of formation and change. By abstracting this natural form into an artificial representation, the work raises questions about our relationship with nature, public space, geologic time and the impact of externalities on art production.
Photography: Nick Simonite

Stairway, 2007

cement, steel, donated/collected trophy statuettes, recycled trophy hardware, various steel hardware, enamel on perforated steel panels, site’s wall, ADA-approved steel steps and floor sheeting
Over the course of three years, my team and I collected over 7,000 trophies donated by interested participants from across North America. Participants found my website through an online proposal, Google search or a friend’s suggestion. After being removed from their bases, the statuettes were then randomly attached to the perforated metal panels, that are then slid into the steel staircase frame.
Installed at The Dallas Contemporary, Nov. 17 2007 – Jan. 12, 2008 as part of the Open Doors’ Expansion exhibition.
Cement base: 9′ x 13′ x .5′, Stairwell width: 3′, First landing: 8.5′ at floor, Second landing: 16.5′ at floor, Site’s wall: 25.5′ x 10.2′ x 1.4′, Railing: consistently 4′ tall, 5″ wide
Credits – Photography: Shaune Kolber, Paul Abbott, On-site welding: Cliff, Joe, C + J Services, Engineering: Feldt Consulting Engineers, Inc., Steel Fabrication: Austin MacFab, Trophy Attachment: Maritsa Asghari, Iraj Asghari, Alma Asghari, Ashley Cross, Bonnie Cross, Greg Cross, Maximilian Toth, Leslie Connally, Cement Foundation: All Concrete Services, Transport / Loading: Cruz Reyna and Southwestern Freight, Forklift Services: Eagle Forklift, Lighting: Maximilian Toth, Ashley Cross, Austin Unloading: Brian Birdwell, Alma Asghari, Sascha Asghari

Yoko Ono, Summer Dream (Let your dream come true on a distant wall), 2012/2015.

LED message board and iPad. Dimensions variable.

Installation view, Strange Pilgrims, The Contemporary Austin – Driscoll Villa at the Betty and Edward Marcus Sculpture Park at Laguna Gloria, 2015. Artwork © Yoko Ono. Courtesy the artist. Image © The Contemporary Austin. Courtesy The Contemporary Austin. Photograph by Brian Fitzsimmons.

I collaborated with Heather Pesanti and The Contemporary Austin to build, code, and install Yoko Ono’s Summer Dream work as part of The Contemporary Austin’s exhibition Strange Pilgrims.

Another version at Moderna Museet, Stockholm.

Uptime, 2007

Transparency Now, 2009

Jubilee, 2008

custom gift-wrap, steel frame, recycled cardboard boxes, barbed wire

Trophy Collection, 2005-7

Documentation photography of early twenty first century participation and award trophies. These served as a reconfigurable material used in my trophy-based work.

Blinded by the light, 2006

site’s window blinds, standard halogen lights, steel rods, flag holders, u-bolts, wood, microfilament
Installed in a residential space as part of Till Richter’s annual “Eklektikos” event.
Collection of Till Richter Museum, Berlin

High Five, 2006–7

5 buildings, tarpaulin, cotton rope, brass grommets, satellite imagery service provider, custom software
Viewable on the web and as a gallery installation. Gallery version runs on a repaired PC, Kubuntu Linux, and Firefox.
Large-scale, site-specific, temporary project for downtown Austin, Texas. Project proposed the covering five parallel building roofs on Congress Avenue with tarps in order to show up on an eventual satellite imagery update. By using many 1 foot wide tarps stretched across each roof, the piece is custom fit, secure, and able to withstand long-term installation and weather conditions. The project is to be immediately removed after images of it have been integrated into Google Maps. This immediate negation of an online piece of information brings up questions of big data, trust, and ways in which aerial imagery impact our understanding of our environment.

Software: Source
Photography: Shaune Kolber

High Five (Material Test), 2006–7

16 month installation at artist’s studio
tarpaulin, cotton rope, brass grommets
Shown: Winter storm weathering documentation of proposed material
Photography: Hunter Cross

Diaspora, 2005

stacked mdf wood frames with stretched acetate, organizational “red dot” stickers, steel frame, steel cable
h: 18″ w: 96″ d: 18″
Exhibited in downtown Austin, Texas as part of site-specific installation exhibition, Open Doors Downtown.

Open Doors, 2004

Site-specific installation exhibition and collaboration in Hunter Cross’ Austin, Texas residence. First exhibition of Open Doors Collective. Artists included: Hunter Cross, Abraham Freeman, Terra Goolsby, Juan Carlos Gonzalez, Sandra Martinez, Kate Scherer, Cole Thompson, Jacob Villanueva, Cesa Alexander Villareal.
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Reminder, 2002

Reminder, 2005

Post-it® Notes, Astroturf®, acrylic, fans
Installations at Dallas Contemporary, Galveston Art Center, Austin Museum of Art, and artist’s studio.

Remainder, 2005

Post-it® Notes, Astroturf®, acrylic box. Made from reusing materials from the previous installations. Given as gifts. Edition of 25.

Remainder Remix, 2005

Astroturf®, paper, acrylic box. Edition of 3.

Life Preserver, 2004

red glitter vinyl, carpet padding
Torso: 5′ Sleeves: 8′ Weight: 40lbs
Performance, August 28, 2004

Like a virus, this work was installed on the audience attending the first Open Doors exhibition. The audience was encouraged to try on this hot and heavy wearable, but with the Texas nights being what they are, few were excited about sweating through their nice shirts. The first image shows Ming Gong trying it on. Travis Austin and Caroline Wright also wore the work.
Proposal, Work on Paper
Installation View: Fusebox Festival, Blue Theater, Austin, Texas.

Pettia, 2003

4 piece contemporary movable type / typographic system for digital and printing press. Included development of OpenType typeface.
Usage in A Dotted Line
Collection of Till Richter Museum, Berlin, Germany.

Another Piece of the Fence…, 2002–

Paper, glass. Ongoing project in public and private space. Unlimited edition.